mustached granddaddy in tight jeans

Your rat tail entices me and makes me want to braid the little curls that form at the nape of my neck. I want to listen to those shitty bands you so elegantly dance to under the pink light of your prized fluorescent sign with you. Let me try on one of your trucker hats so I can not only be close to you, but become you.

boy with baby in campus center on wednesday,

You’re cute and I like your smile. I don’t know why you were carrying that baby around but dang it was adorable.

Signed, the library-bound girl you maybe-possibly smiled at while walking in the opposite direction

Brown Bear, Brown Beard

Yo, bby wit dat dank ass beard. Take them specs off nd come dance wit me in Keene. You were studying in front of Bartlett on a Latin blanket. Let’s hookup? love vcs 

re: tiny kentucky goddess

hey there. ur post made me happy!!!! thanks for saying such sweet things. i do like the ladies so please please please come say hi!

you look like a sardine but you smell daffodil. we have post modern oceanic rituals together … never have i been more attracted to the back of someones finger. 

find me at smog. i’ll be wearing human skin. 

Hozier boy

You were at the Sawkill open mic night and you played Hozier (who I totally love) and you killed it. You’re really handsome and I’d like to get to know you more. I’m a little awkward (like the rest of Bard I know I know) but I’m a little scared to talk to you. Maybe we could get coffee sometime? I’m not sure if you’d even be up for hanging out with a Freshman lady. I’ll try to get the courage to talk with you. Maybe you’ll even recognize me. 

Btdubs your stubble was way cute.