Re: Cute guy at the eggline

What day was this? Is this cute guy Chad the Egg Man? He quite frequently asks me what kind of eggs I want. I feel like I need at least one more detail. 

Wild Haired Child

You’ve long, thick, black hair and a mysterious beauty about you. 

I’ve admired you since we took Alice’s class together, but never got the chance to say hello.

If you smile back one day, I will.

Manga boy

to the blonde junior boy reading manga in the upstairs hallway of the campus center on tuesday- 

I walked by you but you didn’t look up from the page, you’re beautiful can we read together some time? 

i saw you walking toward the kline shuttle stop today. i don't know your name but i think you're a senior. you have long blonde hair, you were wearing a navy plaid button-up, hiking boots, black backpack, dirty green pants. you're insanely attractive. i hope to see you again sometime soon.


small dude, short reddish hair. sure youre into boys. lets turn your ems radio off cause your funny smile turns me on.

dear sophomore girl




I’m too shy to talk to you but I’m not too shy to admire from afar! You have the most beautiful brown eyes and brown hair with a body with killer curves. I never get tired of seeing you read and scribble notes at new kline alone. Do you prefer to be alone? You seem to like to be alone when you smoke your cigarettes. I saw you flash a polite smile at me once but perhaps you smiled at another boy. Smile at me again please?

re: Re: His Beautiful Smile - this might be me! (Although I think I have a pretty average smile…) can you be any more specific?

Sorry, but if you were him you would have spent all weekend with me, and you would know who I am :)  But why not write a post about your girl?

Best of luck~