you asked if i posted a like some bardian about you a while back. i don't think so but i sure wish i had. after all, how often does one fall in love with a dirty hipster poetess? ;)

Dear five hundred & fifty fresh-faced Bardians,

As the first week of L&T draws to a close, it’s my pleasure to welcome all you already-in-the-know freshman to our community and to this blog! I invite you now to spread the word, so this space can continue to grow as a new academic year dawns.

Welcome to Bard! Settle in, have fun, and — most importantly — start drafting your submissions! :)

(To all non-freshman Bardians, I repeat last year’s dictum: “Enjoy these last weeks of summer while ye may, because before you know it we’ll all be thrown together back on campus for another year of pining and propositioning.”)

short hair, rising sophmore

hi. you’re a really cute lady with short hair, and i’m a, uh, well… guy with short hair too. you’ll be a sophmore in the fall and i’ll be a junior. i got a little bit of passing eye contact in henderson as i was writing an enormous lit paper, and i was surprised by how much my heart fluttered at the occurrence. i hope i’ll run into you in the fall.

Re: Re “We talked a little bit this past year and I like how much you smile”

I’m going to be a senior and the person I’m talking about is a year below me. We had one class together. 

Re “We talked a little bit this past year and I like how much you smile”

Can you give any more details?  What year are you/this person?